How will you benefit from this website

This website is one of the stops for anyone who feels responsible and interested in protecting the environment, as well as, in reasonably using the available natural resources.
The website will be of greatest benefit to the SMALL and MEDIUM ENTREPRISES from the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Turkey, because it contains both useful information about the project and the legislative documents of Bulgaria, Turkey and EU that need to be complied with, as well as, a database with already established good practices, from which valuable experience could be gained.
Probably, the most valuable for the visitors of the website is the innovative online tool for environmental self-assessment of SMEs, which will help the companies to assess their current situation – to what extent they are ready to introduce the Environmental Quality Management System and what steps are needed to be taken depending on the results.

Green enterprices
By Eco test for conformity you can quickly check whether your company meets the ecological standards.
               Eco – information               
Here you will find useful information on European, Bulgarian and Turkish environmental legislation, information for management system of environmental quality, eco-mapping and more.


In order to use this service, it is necessary to register on this site – by the button “Register” above or on request by fax or email. The project team will cooperate fully with the registration or will perform it for you. This service will be implemented soon.